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Owner & Creative Director

Hi! I’m Danielle.

I’m the founder of Pepper White Creative Services.

I’ve been a web designer and digital marketer ever since I left art college in 1996, but design has been a passion of mine from early childhood. (I remember designing a new range of bedding when I was about 10 years old – I still don’t know why!)

Decades of experience

During my 28 years of adventures in the commercial design world, I have worked across the whole spectrum of graphic design, including; logo design, stationery design, packaging design, website design, info design, book design, as well as the design and creation of merchandise and physical products.

These days, my time is mostly spent creating beautiful WordPress websites, and optimising them so that the right people find them.

I love designing winning websites that help my clients enjoy more success in their business.  

Marketing expertise

Over the years, I’ve consistently supplemented my design work with studies and experience in:

• Core marketing principles

• Copywriting

• Psychology & Human Behaviour

• Social Media Marketing

• Email Marketing

• Content Marketing & Blogging

• Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

• Online Course Creation

• Email Coaching Business Mentorship

Obsessed with creativity

In addition to my design and marketing work, I also write books, create online courses for my fellow creatives, and offer creativity coaching services via email, as well as teaching other creatives how to offer email coaching. 

And as a lifelong creative who loves to write, I share lots of tips about the creative process over on my creativity blog.

I’m currently very excited about bringing to life my new suite of online creativity courses which explore the mindset, lifestyle practices and energetics of creative success.

You can find more details about me and my work for creatives over at 

If you’d like to join my creativity newsletter or access the archive, you can find those over on my new site, A Life More Creative.

And you can see my latest collection of creativity courses over on my new online coaching portal, Creative Well.


If you’d like to connect on social media, my favourites are Pinterest and Instagram. I look forward to connecting with you. 🙂

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