How to add a Media file (eg image, pdf)

To begin, log in to the dashboard (back-end) of the website:


1. Go to your website home page.

2. Type: /wp-admin after the domain name. Press enter/return.

3. In the login window, fill in your username and password.

Next, go to the Media Library 

1. From the black dashboard menu on the left-hand side, click Media. 


Select the file to upload 

1. From the box that appears, click on Select Files and browse your file system to find the image or pdf file. Select the file and click Open. 

(You can also drag and drop the file into the space within the dotted lines.) 



1. The new file should appear in the top left corner of your Media Library. 

Images will display as the image itself, but a pdf will display as a text page icon. 


It’s a good idea to log out when you’ve finished.  

Hover over Howdy, Lisa at the top right, then click Log Out.