How to update Button links (for Menus)

Hi Lisa!

Here are the instructions for updating the menu button links when you upload a new menu pdf.

There are 3 parts:

Part 1: Copy the new pdf url from the Media page. (This is what you do for the Dine At Home menu)

Part 2: Paste this new url into the Menu Button for the Home Page.

Part 3: Paste this new url into the Menu Button for the Menu Page.

Good luck! You can do it. 🙂

PART 1: Copy the link for the new menu pdf url 

To begin, log in to the dashboard (back-end) of the website:


1. Go to your website home page.

2. Type: /wp-admin after the domain name. Press enter/return.

3. In the login window, fill in your username and password.

Go to the Media Library 

1. From the black dashboard menu on the left-hand side, click Media. 


Upload the media file

1. Upload the new menu as you normally do. 

2. Click on the new pdf file. It will open up an edit window. 


Locate the url / link

1. In the edit window, the url / link for the media file can be found in the File URL box on the right hand side. 

2. Double click to select the entire url / link, then copy.

NB: This it the new link you’ll be pasting onto the menu buttons, so you might want to paste it somewhere you can access it easily. 


PART 2: Paste the new menu pdf url into the HOME Page button 

1. Go to Home Page and Enable Visual Builder  

When you’re logged in, go to the Home Page and click on Enable Visual Builder at the very top. 

After a second or two, scroll down to the slider with the Daytime Menu button. 

enable visual builder

2. Open the slider module settings 

Hover over the slider and click on the little cog in the GREY box. 

slider cog

3. Open the slide settings for Daytime Menu 

In the Settings window, you’ll see two bars – these are the two different slides. 

Click on the cog for the Daytime Menu.

slider slide cog

4. Scroll down to the Link section & paste the new menu pdf url

In the Daytime Menu slide Settings window, scroll down to the Link option and click on that. 

This is where you need to paste the new menu url. 

Once you’ve done that, click the green tick box to exit both settings windows. 

Then scroll back up to the top of the page and click on Exit Visual Builder – it will ask if you want to save: click Save & Exit.

That’s it! 🙂 

You might want to click on the link to check it opens the new/correct menu. 


slider slide cog link button
paste link url in link window

PART 3: Paste the new menu pdf url into the MENU Page button 

1. Enable Visual Builder on the Menu page & open View Menu button settings.  

Make sure you’re still logged in, go to the Menu page and click on Enable Visual Builder again – at the very top of the page. (See Step 1 above.)

Scroll down to Cafe & Terrace Menu button and hover till you see the GREY cog. 

(Make sure it’s the button settings, if you click the box above by mistake, just close it (red cross button) and then try to click on the View Menu button again.) 

menu button settings

2. Open Button Link window & paste new menu pdf url

Just like you did with the Home Page slider button, scroll down to the Link section and paste the url for the new menu pdf. 

Click the green tick box to close. 

Then go back up to the top of the page and click Exit Visual Builder. 

When it asks you to save, click Save & Exit. 

That’s it! 

You did it. 🙂 

Again, you might like to check the link works correctly. 

And then logout and make yourself a drink! 



button window settings
Paste menu url in button link setting