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Hi! I’m Danielle.


Welcome to the early stages of my new Graphic Design Blog & Resources section for designers. 

I hope to have a wealth of design resources available for you here very soon, and my first project is sharing my dissertation from my Undergraduate Degree in Graphic Design & Media Communications – way back in 1996! 

More details below – with more posts coming soon. 

Dissertation Topic: 

The Role of Western Calligraphy in the 20th Century

1. What is Calligraphy? 

• Definitions of calligraphy

• Calligraphy vs Lettering; What’s the difference? 

• Calligraphy Tools


More extracts coming very soon, and if you’d like to read more of my blogs and works-in-progress in the meantime, there are details below.

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Obsessed with creativity

In addition to my design and marketing work, I also write books, create online courses for my fellow creatives, and offer creativity coaching services via email, as well as teaching other creatives how to offer email coaching. 

And as a lifelong creative who loves to write, I share lots of tips about the creative process over on my creativity blog.

I’m currently very excited about bringing to life my new suite of online creativity courses which explore the mindset, lifestyle practices and energetics of creative success.

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